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Manage Feed Ordering like a pro.
Automate tasks. Increase efficiency.

Take Feed Ordering to the next level.

Streamline the feed ordering process and eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks such as dealing with spreadsheets and calling each of your customers.

Manage and automate your orders from one platform.

Generate and schedule recurring and suggested orders.

Monitor feed inventory levels, projections, and forecasted empty dates.

Connect with producers allowing them to verify, confirm and place orders.

Extend your ordering superpowers with sensors.
Monitor on-farm bins with Sensus.

Make informed decisions. Grow your profits.

Our cloud-based software transforms your data into actionable insights, allowing your team to manage the feed ordering process and proactively identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency.

BinSentry Feed Ordering Hub enables you to make data-driven decisions to avoid costly errors such as:

Feed waste, outages, and mortality losses

Inaccurate manual feed budgets

Wrong, late, or missed orders

Extra trips to the farm or partially filled trucks


Manage Orders and Feed Budgets in a breeze.

You can now generate a species-specific, phased feeding plan based on your feed budget and consumption data or use one of our pre-existing consumption plans to:

Auto-generate orders and adjust them in real-time
Overview forecasted orders in one place
Create a more accurate feed budget
Improve feed budget execution
Schedule orders for each barn based on your feed budget
Monitor projected vs. actual consumption data
Reduce feed cost and maximize performance
Deliver the right feed to the right bin at the right time

Increase your team’s productivity and customers’ satisfaction even further with Sensus.
Watch out; you may just fall in love with sensors.

Connect Horizon’s platform to the systems you already use.

Save time and reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks by integrating with the tools and software you already use.


With our SaaS (Software as a Service) monthly subscription model, software updates are seamless.

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Time to enjoy BinSentry’s Horizon.
Optimize your feed mill supply chain organization.
Operate more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.