Former Smithfield CEO Dennis Organ Joins BinSentry on the Heels of Successful BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus Launch. - BinSentry

Former Smithfield CEO Dennis Organ Joins BinSentry on the Heels of Successful BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus Launch.

Former Smithfield CEO Dennis Organ Joins BinSentry on the Heels of Successful BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus Launch.

Press Release announcing Dennis Organ joining as chair of BinSentry’s Board of Directors after the recent launch of BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus.


Kitchener, ONTARIO | Dennis Organ has recently joined BinSentry Inc. – a Kitchener, Ontario-based agricultural technology start-up – as the Chair of the Board of Directors.


Dennis Organ is a food executive who has spent the majority of his career in executive leadership positions at Smithfield Foods Inc., most recently as Chief Executive Officer. Having headed up the global operations of the world’s largest pork processor, his vast experience in supply chain management and optimization makes him a significant contributor to the BinSentry team who just launched their innovative BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus product offerings, designed to enable increased feed ordering automation.

“This is a huge vote of confidence in what BinSentry is building,” says BinSentry CEO and Co-Founder Randall Schwartzentruber. “Dennis’ wealth of experience and depth of industry expertise will be a huge asset to BinSentry moving forward. His belief in our mission to automate the feed supply chain equips BinSentry with another strong advocate as we strive to build the “Mill of the Future,” enabling feed mills, livestock producers, and nutritionists to operate more sustainably, efficiently, and profitably via the integration of emerging technologies.” 

Leaning on his thorough understanding of the agricultural supply chain, Dennis will help guide BinSentry in their mission to develop new innovative software applications to facilitate their goal of creating the “Mill of the Future.” “We’re thrilled to have Dennis joining the company at this very pivotal and exciting time in BinSentry’s journey,” Randall says. “With the recent launch of BinSentry Horizon – our Feed Ordering Automation Software, and BinSentry Sensus – our advanced hardware bin monitoring solution, Dennis’ addition to the team will provide invaluable industry insight as we help our partners successfully leverage the benefits of sensor technology, better data and AI on the path towards greater efficiency.”

Since partnering with Cargill in 2020, BinSentry has been able to expand the distribution of its sensor technology and feed ordering software across the United States, Mexico, and into the South American, Asian, and European markets. Dennis’ expertise in supply chain optimization will be instrumental in further strengthening Cargill and BinSentry’s mutual efforts within these new markets.

“A core tenet of operational excellence is gaining visibility to the data that matters. What attracted me to BinSentry was the fact that they’re bringing core optimization technology to the feed supply chain,” Dennis says. “It’s rare that you get the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is introducing proven automation and optimization capabilities to an industry that largely operates without the benefit of modern technology. With BinSentry’s leading-edge technology, software development capabilities, and passion for performance, we will help feed the world and reduce the impact on the climate as we do so.”



About BinSentry

BinSentry is a Canadian AgTech company located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario’s thriving technology hub. BinSentry Horizon Feed Ordering Automation platform helps feed mills and their customers to drive increased profits by managing the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the feed supply chain. BinSentry Horizon software helps feed mills and their customers view, track, place, and manage all their feed orders in a one-single platform to be more proactive and responsive to customers’ needs and improve, as a result, overall efficiency and profitability. The features and functionality of BinSentry Horizon are further extended with the addition of BinSentry Sensus – 3D Sensor bin monitoring hardware which delivers the most accurate, reliable, and real-time bin inventory data and insights, eliminating the guesswork.

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