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A sensor you can trust.
Meet the highest level of accuracy.

Eliminate costly errors.
Remove the guesswork with reliable data.

Access accurate on-farm feed inventory at all times and automate all your feed ordering tasks.

BinSentry Sensus provides visibility into your customers’ inventory, enabling you to deliver optimal service.

Both BinSentry 3D and BinSentry LiDAR sensors connect to our Feed Ordering software enabling you to:

Track feed bin levels with precision and access sensor data insights

Eliminate manual error-prone inventory checks

Increase on-farm safety; no climbing bins

See warnings for late or missed deliveries

View all scheduled and delivered orders

Forecast inventory and resources

Reduce feed transfers and optimize loads

See. Believe.


View the entire bin interior in 3D.
Get reliable data no matter the type of feed you deal with.
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BinSentry’s 3D mapping system provides over 9,000 points of detail vs. single-point sensors, allowing you to view the entire bin interior from any angle in full 3D.

Such precision in measuring the feed volume enables you to detect any feed flow issues on time, even with the most challenging products.

Know exactly when the bin will empty.

No more feed waste or outages.

3D volumetric data images reveal exactly which date and time the feed bin will empty.

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Single-point sensors, which have a narrow field of view, can provide erratic readings with certain products and have challenges detecting feed flow issues and irregularities like rat-holing.

The power of our 3D sensor, plus the neat features you already know.
No bin modification (15-min installation)
Solar-powered (with battery back-up - no electrical required)
Self-cleaning sensor
Readings every 4 hours
Direct cellular internet connection to leading LTE-M (or NB-IoT) networks; low-power & long-range

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Beyond monitoring.

Get more out of Sensus.
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Extend the power of Sensus by gaining access to all our Feed Ordering Hub functionalities.

With our HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) monthly subscription model, there are no upfront hardware costs, and software updates are seamless.

Pair Sensus with our Feed Ordering Software for a full Horizon experience!

Time to enjoy BinSentry’s Horizon.
Optimize your feed mill supply chain organization.
Operate more efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.