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Become a BinSentry Service Partner

If you're a Farm Implements Dealer/Installer, let us help you keep your installation teams working by joining BinSentry in our mission to lead the agricultural technology revolution, helping feed-mills and farmers to operate more efficiently!

Simple, straightforward installations and direct BinSentry support is always at your disposal, motivated to ensure you and your company's success!

No specialized skills, no special tools and no bin modification required for installation. Fully completed install in less than 10 minutes!

Our Valued Partners:

A Typical Installation

1 Open a BinSentry Work-Order

Log into the BinSentry App using your unique BinSentry Installer account to view all assigned work-orders.  Select the work-order corresponding with the site and bin and note any special instructions as you travel to the site assigned.

2 Power on BinSentry Sensor

Switch the BinSentry device on, scan the device barcode in the BinSentry App and wait for the device to start blinking green indicating that it has a connection with BinSentry servers.  While you’re waiting, you can move on to step 3!

3 Measure the Bin

Measure the diameter of the bin, the angle of the hopper, the number of rings in the cylindrical section of the body and the height of each ring.  After entering this information into the BinSentry app, simply drag the location marker over top of the bin in the satellite map view and press “go” – it’s really that simple!

4 Complete Device Registration

Once the app checks the devices connection and verifies the inputted data, configuration is complete and the device is ready!  Time to complete the physical installation!

5 Install the Device

Climb the bin and install the device.  Rare earth magnets secure the solar charging base to the exterior of the bin while BinSentry’s patented zero-modification bracket makes installation of the sensor a breeze.  Open the bin lid and secure the sensor on the lip of the feed bin hatch.  Great work – you’re done!  Yes, installation is really that simple!

Service Partner Requirements & Benefits

As a regional BinSentry Service Partner you will perform installations of sensors on behalf of BinSentry when contracts are signed with regional feed mills, large livestock producers or vertically-integrated companies.  A typical contract may range in size from hundreds of devices up to multiple thousands, thus a fair amount of work may be involved in the full deployment of a customer’s sensors.  As our installation partner you work closely with our BinSentry Partner Manager to ensure you have the tools and support you need to be successful!

Direct BinSentry support via dedicated Partner Manager

Access to and training with Software Route-Planning and Deployment Tools

Attractive compensation model.

After the BinSentry installation phase is complete, occasionally a BinSentry sensor will need to be moved, serviced or replaced.  As our Regional Service Partner you and your team will be available to perform BinSentry service as required.  With your help we can jointly deliver the top-notch BinSentry service that our customers depend on, without interruption!

Software Diagnostics Tools deliver advanced warning of misbehaving devices.

Remote Firmware Upgrade enables BinSentry to assist with troubleshooting and repair anywhere in the world.

Attractive compensation.

BinSentry observes strict adherence to required Bio-Securty protocols in order to deliver peace of mind to our customers while ensuring that farms remain safe and free from biological contaminants.  BinSentry will provide training to all Service partners and requires that partners abide by BinSentry bio-security guidelines at all times.

Bio-Security Training Provided

In some cases, BinSentry partners are able to make connections with local feed mills, vertically integrated companies or large producers.  Delivery of qualified leads helps us every bit as much as it helps you to grow your business and when those leads pan out we intend to say thank-you!  We build partnerships for the benefit of both parties and look forward to working with your company to bring new and innovative technologies to agriculture!

Commission opportunities.

The Hardware

The BinSentry sensor is a product of years of collaboration with Feed Mills and Producers, to design the perfect sensor to solve their unique challenges. As a result, BinSentry sensors are food-safe, simple to install, do not modify feed bins and are completely self-sufficient.

BinSentry sensors are rated for all weather conditions, including cold harsh Canadian winters where our sensors were first deployed! Sensors utilize solar power to maintain a constant charge and run for 5 months without any solar charging at all.

Sensors transmit data using cutting-edge LTE Cat M1 technology. LTE-M1 is an IoT specific variant of standard LTE but is different in that signal travels significantly further and penetrates obstacles better. As a result, BinSentry sensors operate even in areas where standard cellular connectivity is not available.

No Bin Modification

BinSentry sensors install in 10 minutes thanks to our innovative mounting solution. The sensor bracket fastens over the lip where the lid opens and the enclosure attaches to the roof of the bin using rare earth magnets.

No Power Requirements

BinSentry sensors have a high-capacity battery which is constantly being charged by solar power. For this reason, no specialized skills or additional work is required on-site in order to complete an install.

No Network Requirements

Every BinSentry device connects to cellular LTE-M1 networks which broadcasts a signal that travels much farther than conventional networks. No network setup is necessary and no on-farm network is required.

Remote Diagnostics and Update

BinSentry Installation Partners can remotely monitor the health of sensors via the BinSentry partner web portal. Troubleshooting and upgrades can be sent to devices remotely Over the Air!

App Based Device Setup

Open the workorder, measure the bin, connect to the device and install. With our intuitive and simple to use app, installation of revolutionary technology never been easier! Additionally, as an Installation Partner you'll always have 1 on 1 dedicated support, directly from BinSentry.

Simple Hassle-Free Installation

No wires to run, connections to make or assembly required. Just remove the BinSentry device from the box, turn it on and connect to it using the BinSentry app and then affix it to the bin. Installation complete!

Still Have Questions?

If you’ve still got questions about becoming a BinSentry Service Partner, we’re happy to answer them for you!  Fill out the information below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!