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Become the Mill of the Future.

Automate Feed Ordering and get the insights you need to stay ahead,
drive smarter production scheduling, and increase profits.

Increased supply chain visibility enabling vendor management inventory.

BinSentry’s Horizon platform automates the feed ordering process within the livestock feed supply chain so you can operate smarter and drive greater yields.

The insights you need to reduce costs.

Horizon platform gives you visibility into your controllable costs. On-farm inventory data is transformed into actionable insights so you can make data-driven decisions and avoid costly errors such as:
Feed waste
Feed outages and mortality losses
Inaccurate manual feed budgets
Wrong, late, or missed orders
Extra trips to the farm or partially filled trucks
You name it.

Easy to use. Easy to love.

Connect all your on-farm bins to one platform. Horizon removes your spreadsheets and time-consuming error-prone manual tasks so you can allocate resources better.

Feed Ordering Hub

The insights you want to see.

See projected consumption by species and growth stage, feed inventory projections and forecasted orders, and optimize production.


The accuracy you need.

Detect feed flow issues, know exactly when bins will empty, and optimize load quantities.

Imagine what you could do when pairing these two together.

They already made the leap.

Right feed. Right bin. Right time.

Horizon platform enables your customers and team to interact with the most valuable insights and accurate feed inventory data, so the right amount and type of feed is delivered to the right bin at the right time.


No more running out of feed or climbing bins. Collaborate easily with your feed supplier, livestock nutritionist, and/or vet to improve productivity and animal welfare.


Solar-powered and self-cleaning sensors are easily installed without modifying the bin.


Data is securely transmitted using a wireless, low-power, wide-range transmission network. Internet and connection hub are not required.


Automate the ordering process and accurately know the exact amount of feed needed at each order cycle.

Feed Mill

View customer bins by emptying priority and farm site, receive customized notifications, place and track orders, and enhance customer service.


Optimize delivery routes, reduce time on the road with partial loads, and eliminate emergency deliveries.

Your trust. Your success.

We use BinSentry every single day to validate scheduled deliveries and adjust orders in order to maximize bin fill, avoid feed outages and ensure livestock are still on track with projections. BinSentry also enables us to calculate a customer’s last-load before birds ship, where accuracy and delivery quantities are especially important! BinSentry helps us avoid costly deliver errors and catch them immediately if they do occur.

Nicole Avery Poultry Customer Service Rep, Wallenstein Feed & Supply

BinSentry has undoubtedly given us more insight into our customer's needs. On one occasion a customer called and cancelled their order saying they had enough feed, but BinSentry had alerted us that the feed was low. Opting to trust BinSentry, I decided to take feed to the customer anyway. At 6pm the customer called to tell us that the bin in question had just run empty - just as our delivery truck pulled into the yard! The end result: BinSentry was correct and the customer thanked me for taking matters into my own hands, which in turn benefitted the customer!

Jill Van Vessum Customer Service Representative, Nieuwland Feed & Supply

Our farm system has been ordering feed with the use of the Binsentry platform for just over a year and without the incredible features provided to us through BinSentry software, we would not be able to order feed successfully. The features that are most valuable to our feed ordering operations are the ability to look at our level history , last reading, and average daily consumption of our bins, to determine whether or not we need to send feed before we run empty.

George Slater Senior Business Analytics Manager, Belstra Milling Company

Many of our larger customers have now incorporated BinSentry into their daily workflow and place their orders with the assistance of BinSentry or alternately, have an employee at the Mill check their inventories for them and place orders based on BinSentry data. It's now easier than ever to confidently place an order on behalf of our team and our customers, and it shows through our continued daily successes!

Ben Bell Transport Customer Care Coordinator, Wallenstein Feed and Supply

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