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Feed is the largest cost of raising livestock.

It’s time to unlock hidden saving opportunities.

Our customers don’t guess how much feed they have; they know.

With a clear line of sight to feed inventories, you can reduce trucking costs, decrease labor costs, and increase animal health through better diet management.

Best-in-class performance requires best-in-class data. That’s where BinSentry comes in.

“Now we’re certain that every truck is able to leave here full and that that truck will be able to fit at the site.”
– Mike Boerboom, CEO, Boerboom Ag Resources
“We’ve gone from multiple employees ordering feed in multiple ways to having a single person in charge of feed ordering and demand forecasting. It’s a night and day difference. Before, we couldn’t see what was happening with feed at our farms, and now we can.”
– Nick DeKryger, Vice President, Belstra Milling Co.





One cost-effective solution to
face the feed industry’s top

1:12 minutes

BinSentry is committed to helping feed mills reduce costs and equipping them with the best data to increase feed management efficiency.

Every bin monitored by BinSentry means an annual ROI of 4-5X.


reduction in feed outage time


reduction in close-out inventory and feed returns


reduction in manual labor checking bins and placing orders


delivery size increase; deliver more feed with fewer miles traveled


in sales saved, needed to cover the cost of a bone fracture due to a fall from climbing bins

You can’t manage what you can’t see.

BinSentry gives you greater visibility into your feed management costs, enabling you to make better, data-driven decisions and reduce waste. Our software transforms on-farm inventory data into actionable insights which directly help you to better manage and avoid costly practices like:

   Feed waste

 Feed outages and mortality losses

   Inaccurate manual feed budgets

 Wrong, late, or missed orders

 Extra trips to the farm or partially filled trucks

Your trust. Your success.

“We were used to climbing ladders and banging on bins to estimate feed. But as feed prices continue to increase and farm labor decreases, that just isn’t good enough. New technologies need to be accurate, reliable, and implementable, and BinSentry meets all three criteria.”

Brooke Anderson Technical Nutritionist, The Hanor Family of Companies

"The accuracy of the daily bin readings makes it easier to plan our production. It has helped increase the productivity of the mill by taking the highs and lows out of the work week, which has decreased overtime and created more stable work hours for our drivers and mill operators."

David Stenger Feed Mill Manager, Pemberton Grain

"The grower texted me and said, 'I thank you for installing this at my site, and my wife thanks you because she's not worried about me climbing a bin and falling.'"

Suzi Steber Nutritional Coordinator, Borgic Farms

Leaders who moved to data precision.

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