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Why BinSentry?

Meaningful Work

Our Work

At BinSentry we enable Feed Mills and Livestock producers to be more efficient, resulting in dramatic cost-savings, increased sustainability in agriculture and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our work literally enables our customers (feed mills, vertical integrators and livestock producers) to more efficiently and effectively feed the world – minimizing the strain on global food supplies.  In the words of one of our customers: “BinSentry is the future of Agriculture!

Contagious Vision

Our Culture

At BinSentry we believe that all people are formed with unique strengths, gifts and abilities.  We strive to create a work environment where people are valued for not just their abilities but who they are as individuals, believing that they were created to make a difference in the world.

Our primary goal is to empower employees to succeed and achieve their dreams – multiplying the influence of our values-driven business philosophy as they collaborate with us, to build a future of promise and sustainability for all of humanity.


The Rewards

We strongly believe in fairly and competitively compensating our employees: our most valuable contributors to the BinSentry vision.  BinSentry offers full Health and Dental Benefits and a generous Employee Stock-Option Plan as well as plenty of opportunities for fun Team-Building meals and outings!

Even so, if you ask our employees, the vast majority would tell you that they have opted to join the BinSentry family because of the opportunity to contribute to a truly innovative solution that doesn’t just claim to disrupt the status quo – it completely demolishes itOur constant successes are undoubtedly the greatest reward for our collaborative hard-work!

Where can I contribute?



Agriculture is a sector teaming with innovation and companies like BinSentry are forging a new and exciting path. Sales at BinSentry is highly relationship oriented. We sell a feed bin monitoring service, enabled by our Internet of Things sensor – solving a 40 year old challenge in Agriculture!



Our customers are unique and full of knowledge, passed down through generations. BinSentry Marketing is responsible for harnessing BinSentry learnings, gleaned from our customers and presenting the BinSentry solution to partners and customers in a way that’s compelling and engaging.



A lot of companies talk about innovation – BinSentry practices it on a daily basis. In close collaboration with our customers, BinSentry software developers build and deploy the tools our customers need to turn data into actionable insights.



When you’re building one of Agriculture’s most capable and innovative sensors, you depend on a very skilled hardware engineering team.  BinSentry’s talented staff are experts in cellular connectivity, RF, power efficiency, optical sensor design and a host of other areas which are key to BinSentry’s success!

HR & Admin

HR & Admin

BinSentry does a lot of cool stuff – but none of it would be possible without our highly skilled team of administrators and organizers!  Wielding the trusty skills of their trade, the BinSentry administrative team ensures that our precision innovation machine continues to be oiled, so that we can constantly run at peak efficiency!



BinSentry would have long ago gone of course without the rudder of a solid financial foundation to keep the ship on track!  Thanks to our talented financial team – we’ve stayed the course and have recently completed a Series A financing, which will enable us to continue our strong growth trajectory!

Our strong team of financial minds will be stewards of our financial well-being as we push full steam ahead!

The BinSentry Team

Executive Team

Ben Allen

Ben is known for his expertise in leading hardware, software, and AgTech companies and for maintaining strong relationships with investors. He has a track record of rapidly generating revenue, scaling startup companies for growth, and negotiating strategic partnership deals with Fortune 100 companies. 

He joined BinSentry after his successful run as Head of Global Market Development at Indigo Ag, an AgTech startup that he helped grow from $300M in 2017 to $3B in 2021. Prior to that role, Ben was recruited and turned around Agri-Trend’s Agri-Data software organization in preparation for a transaction.  Due to his efforts Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) acquired Agri-Trend in 2015.

Ben and his family reside in Austin, Texas.

 Marketing & Sales Team

Product Team

Software Engineering Team

Hardware & Assembly Team

Service Partner Team


HR & Admin

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