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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and their answers.
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We use BinSentry every single day to validate scheduled deliveries and adjust orders in order to maximize bin fill, avoid feed outages and ensure livestock are still on track with projections.

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01. The Platform

BinSentry Horizon is BinSentry’s feed ordering platform ecosystem. It’s a cloud-based software that automates and streamlines your feed ordering processes – no sensor required!

BinSentry Horizon enables you to manage all your feed orders, store feed levels data, confirm or edit suggested orders, receive order requests from customers and monitor feed projections in one platform – regardless of whether you have a sensor on each bin. You simply enter your bin-specific information into our system, set the inventory consumption rate, and then you’re all set to leverage the many benefits that our ordering automation software provides!

BinSentry Sensus is our bin monitoring sensor add-on offering; our LiDAR and 3D sensors. BinSentry’s 3D sensor is nonetheless the best solution for challenging products such as mashed feed where the highest level of accuracy is required. When connected to BinSentry Horizon, it unlocks all the extra features and tools of our software with the added benefit of sensor data and insights such as:

  • view feed flow in 3D;
  • detect irregularities in feed consumption;
  • calculate exact order quantities;
  • and track confirmed, late, or missed deliveries.

BinSentry’s powerful 3D Sensor provides you with 9,000x more detail than single-point sensors, providing you with improved accuracy.

Yes! BinSentry Horizon still enables you to streamline the feed ordering process successfully. You’ll simply need to add your bin-specific information in our software and manually enter your feed level data and inventory consumption rate. From here, you’ll be able to manage all your orders and have greater insights so that you can better plan your production within our platform – your Single Source of Truth for faster, more accurate, and efficient feed ordering.
BinSentry’s platform gives you visibility to your controllable costs. We help your organization drive increased profits by managing the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the livestock feed supply chain. Streamlining and automating the feed ordering processes enables you to enhance your operational efficiency by eliminating paper-based and other error-prone manual processes, reducing costs related to inaccurate feed inventory data, feed outages, feed waste, late, missed or last-minute orders, transportation, and inefficient communication with your customers.
Our software is cloud-based which means there’s no installation required! Getting a BinSentry Horizon account up and running will take you 10 minutes and is as simple as signing up and importing your bins into our system. It can be done either manually (1 bin at a time) or automatically by providing a spreadsheet to simplify the import process.

Yes. We have an open API that enables third parties to seamlessly integrate our software with theirs.

We already have software integrations with some of the world’s industry leaders in AgTech; Cargill Nutrition Cloud, Format Solutions, Boehringer Ingelheim, MTech Systems, and Agriness. More integrations are being added all the time!

Tech Fact: Our API can handle over 3,700 requests/sec which means a way better user experience for you!

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02. 3D Sensor Technology

It’s 9,000 times better! Our sensor uses machine vision technology, providing you with a 3D image of your feed level surface allowing you to literally view a representation of the interior of the bin from any angle. Unlike single point sensors, BinSentry’s 3D sensor measures 9,000+ points on the feed surface (even when rat-holes occur), equipping you with the most accurate data even with the most challenging feed products.

Mounted to the lip of the feed bin hatch (no bin modification is required), our solar-powered and self-cleaning sensor measures the distance to the feed surface and converts this data into volume and tonnage. This information is then sent to our software so you can easily access real-time sensor data and make data-driven decisions.

Our 3D sensor is 9,000x more accurate than other technologies on the market. BinSentry’s 3D sensor approaches the accuracy levels achieved by load cells at a fraction of the cost.

Our sensor performs a test every 4 hours. We then send this information to our dashboard where we can use it to generate all kinds of other valuable data points and notifications.
Fun Fact: The BinSentry analytics engine is capable of processing 4,000,000 bins readings every 4 hours. That’s is a little more than all the feed bins in North America!
Glad you asked! Our 3D sensor provides you with a 3D representation of the feed surface, volume, and tonnage, enabling precise tracking of feed consumption and the ability to visually detect any irregularities, such as feed flow issues.
Fun Fact: BinSentry has monitored over 2,000,000 tons of feed. This would fill over 350 football fields.

03. 3D Sensor Installation

Nope! Our sensor uses rare-earth magnets (super strong magnets resistant to demagnetization) to secure our solar charging base to the bin’s roof. This piece of the hardware is connected to BinSentry’s patented zero-modification bracket which is then placed inside the bin lid, and secured on the lip of the feed bin hatch.
Installation takes 10 minutes or less and not only guarantees the safety of your feed (completely non-contact, no cutting of holes) but also ensures the safety of your employees by eliminating the need to climb bins.
Fun Fact: The BinSentry team has personally climbed over 15,000 bins. That’s the equivalent of climbing to the moon and back.
Our self-sustaining sensor is solar-powered, enabling it to operate indefinitely while the sun continues to shine. It continues to run through snow and rain, thanks to our battery backup. 
No. Our sensor connects directly to the cellular network to send data. This approach eliminates points of failure, increases redundancy, and reduces costs.
Nothing! You read that correctly; the installation cost is $0! Our SaaS monthly subscription covers everything, including installation, any future service requirements, and device upgrades when available. No worries, no surprise fees.
More than likely! We have installation partners around the globe! No matter which rural area your bins are located in, we’ll be able to support you and your business!
Interested in becoming a BinSentry Certified Installation Partner? Apply here, today!
Our 3D sensors will work in areas covered by LTE-M networks, which are broadly deployed across North America. They specifically connect to leading LTE Cat M1 wireless networks, which are precisely built for IoT sensors to ensure long-range and low power connectivity. These networks operate at a lower frequency, enabling the signal to travel farther distances which means our sensors will often work in remote rural areas where typical cellular networks cannot.

04. Subscription Service

Our platform is based on a SaaS (Software as a Service) monthly basis subscription model. You just have to sign up for BinSentry Horizon with a few clicks. If you’d like to add BinSentry Sensus, our Sales team is happy to help.

Volume and term length discounts are available. Learn how we can tailor our solution to your organization’s needs!

We are confident that you’ll agree with our happy customers, that BinSentry’s Horizon Platform delivers substantial ROI, and consequently, that you’ll choose to continue leveraging our software. However, if after our agreement expires you’re not satisfied, there’s no further obligation!

There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Everything is included in your monthly cost of either BinSentry Horizon or BinSentry Sensus!

Even with BinSentry Sensus – our sensor add-on offering – you don’t pay any installation or service costs (if a sensor should require service). You also get a lifetime warranty for the duration of the agreement.

Both BinSentry Horizon and BinSentry Sensus offer you a lifetime warranty for the duration of your agreement.

We want to make monitoring your inventory worry and hassle-free. That’s why we offer our solution “As a Service” which eliminates the frustration of owning, installing, and maintaining a depreciating asset.
We believe that the best way to deliver peace of mind and the highest quality of service, is by allowing you to be efficient and focus on the things you do best while allowing BinSentry to take care of the technology.
Our SaaS subscription model also enables you to:
  • eliminate costly maintenance and repair fees;
  • manage your expenses with one easy monthly payment;
  • reduce service visits and biosecurity risks, thanks to over-the-air updates;
  • constantly stay up to date with the latest user updates via software dashboard and notifications.
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