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I am completely sold on BinSentry sensors, they have made my life way easier!  I don’t remember any piece of technology that has had a comparable impact or that I could easily talk about all day.

Angie, Prestage Farms


01. General Questions

It’s waaay better! Our sensor uses the same type of technology as self-driving cars; LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). Mounted to the lip of the feed bin hatch, our solar-powered sensor measures the distance to the feed surface and converts this data into volume and tonnage. Our self-cleaning sensor sees a wider area of the product surface than other single point lasers and uses this information to calculate the remaining volume resulting in more accurate readings!
Psst! We’re developing a new sensor that will increase the accuracy by 9,000 data points, allowing you to literally view the whole interior of the bin from any angle, in full 3D.
Our LiDAR sensor is 2x more accurate than other technologies on the market. The margin of error is only 1-5% of the total of the volume of the bin.
Our second generation sensor will be even more accurate – stay tuned for more details!
Our sensor performs a test every 4 hours. We then send this information to our dashboard where we can use it to generate all kinds of other valuable data points and notifications.
Glad you asked! Our new 3D sensor will provide you with a 3D representation of the feed surface, enabling precise tracking of feed consumption and the ability to visually detect any irregularities, such as feed flow issues.
Can’t wait for the new sensor?

02. Installation

Nope! Our sensor uses rare-earth magnets (super strong magnets resistant to demagnetization) to secure our solar charging base to the bin’s roof. This piece of the hardware is connected to BinSentry’s patented zero-modification bracket which is then placed inside the bin lid, and secured on the lip of the feed bin hatch.
Installation takes 10 minutes or less and not only guarantees the safety of your feed (completely non-contact, no cutting of holes) but also ensures the safety of your employees by eliminating the need to climb bins.
No. Our self-sustaining sensor is solar-powered enabling it to operate indefinitely.
It functions even during cold harsh Northern winters – our testing grounds – by maintaining a constant charge. If solar fails, our sensor will use the battery backup and run without a single ray of sunlight for up to 5 months!
No. Our sensor connects directly to the cellular network to send data. This approach eliminates points of failure, increases redundancy and reduces costs.
Nothing! You read that correctly; the installation cost is $0! Our SaaS monthly subscription covers everything, including installation, any future service requirements and device upgrades when available. No worries, no surprise fees.
More than likely! We have installation partners around the globe! No matter which rural area your bins are located in, we’ll be able to support you and your business!
Interested in becoming a BinSentry Certified Installation Partner? Apply here, today!
It will! Our sensor connects to leading LTE Cat M1 (or NB-IoT) wireless networks which are specifically built for IoT sensors to ensure long-range and low power connectivity. These networks operate at a lower frequency enabling the signal to travel farther distances. Our sensors will work in remote rural areas where typical cellular networks cannot.

03. Software Integration

Yes! BinSentry offers a comprehensive web-based dashboard to not only monitor your feed inventory but to facilitate ordering, performance tracking and increased mill optimization.
In addition, we also offer an API which can be integrated with softwares already being used by feed mills.
You’ll be missing out on the whole BinSentry experience but we’re here to help you and provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. Our system offers full and open API access so you can integrate it with your own software or application.
Yes. We have an open API that enables third parties to seamlessly integrate our software with theirs.
We already have software integrations with some of the world’s industry leaders in AgTech; Cargill Nutrition Cloud, Feed Mill Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, MTech Systems and Agriness. More integrations are being added all the time!
Interested in integrating with BinSentry? Contact us at

04. Pricing & Subscription

Our pricing starts at USD $32/month per sensor on a 3-year contract. Volume and term length discounts are available. Learn how we can tailor our solution to your organization’s needs!
We are confident that you’ll agree with our happy customers, that the BinSentry solution delivers substantial ROI, and consequently, that you’ll choose to continue leveraging our powerful solution, however, if after our agreement expires you’re not satisfied, there’s no further obligation!
There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Everything is included in your monthly cost!
You don’t pay any installation or service costs (if a sensor should require service) which basically means that you get a lifetime warranty for the duration of the agreement.
We want to make monitoring your inventory worry and hassle-free. That’s why we offer our solution “As a Service” which eliminates the frustration of owning, installing and maintaining a depreciating asset.
We believe that the best way to deliver peace of mind and the highest quality of service, is by allowing you to be efficient and focus on the things you do best while allowing BinSentry to take care of the technology.
Our SaaS subscription model also enables you to:
  • eliminate costly maintenance and repair fees;
  • manage your expenses with one easy monthly payment;
  • reduce service visits and biosecurity risks, thanks to over-the-air updates;
  • constantly stay up to date with the latest user updates via software dashboard and notifications.

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